Reformator Luther

The word, “Reformation” comes from Latin and means restoration or renewal.

Martin Luther worked for a fundamental renewal of the Church based on the Bible.


Martin and the Reformation

There he his, that Martin! In the picture that you see to the left, he is already known worldwide. Why? Martin did not agree with many of the things the Church was doing in his day. So on October 31, 1517, he takes a hammer and nails a paper on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. You can see this in the picture below on the left.

On that paper are 95 Theses – concerns – suggesting how the Church should make changes. Martin has especially strong criticisms of indulgences through which a person can pay to be forgiven for sins. His proposals shake up the whole world and ignite a huge conflict within the Church. But it does not stay just in the Church.

Martin’s ideas spread like wild fire and attract many avid followers. In many places, there are open protests. And so, Martin is dismissed from the Catholic Church.

Every year, on October 31, Reformation Day, we celebrate and think about this historic event. Do you want to learn more about Martin? Then, please, click on the picture that shows Martin as a monk.