Melanchthon Hut

Philipp often called the small, modest wood-framed house next door “Bude” (hut). Back then, such simple houses of poor people were so named to distinguish them from the elegant gabled houses of the merchants.

Melanchthons gute Stube

Come on in!

What a neat house! When Philipp Melanchthon comes as a new professor to the University of Wittenberg in 1518, there is only a simple, wood-framed house on this spot. It has no running water and is already too small for Philipp’s growing family, the guests, and the students.

At Philipp’s table, just like at Luthers’, there is serious discussion, as well as laughter. The comical poetry competitions were especially well-liked by his students. There were many universities in all of Europe that would have loved to have Philipp as their professor.

So that Philipp will stay at Wittenberg, the Prince-Elector, in cooperation with the University, builds a new house with an adjoining garden on the property of the old wood-framed house. Now, there is room for everyone!

Through the centuries after Philipp’s death, the house is hardly changed at all. Thus, the rooms look pretty much the same as they did back then. Take a closer look in Philipp’s good parlor.