Would you have known? Restorers have two important tasks in a museum: they preserve art and cultural pieces, and they repair them when they have been destroyed.

Bildrestaurierung Melanchthon Portrait


The Man without a face

Oh, for heaven’s sake! If you could have seen that picture! You would never believe me. The picture had a huge tear and the worst part – the face of the man in the picture was not even recognizable. Someone had destroyed the picture – yes, completely. Luckily, there are people who repair such damage. Their profession is picture restoration and it has saved many art treasures that were considered lost.

For this picture, the process was difficult and took a long time. First, the picture tear was carefully closed up with needle and tweezers. Each thread of the canvas was put back in its correct place. Thank goodness, the restorers found old photos of the pictures as well as several small, millimeter-sized amounts of paint. After painstaking, detailed work, it was finally finished.

Now, that man in the picture had a face and can be recognized at once. It is a picture of Philipp Melanchthon. It again proudly hangs in the Melanchthon House. When you are here, look at it carefully – can you still see the tear?

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