In 1517, Martin Luther nailed the 95 Theses on the door of the Castle Church in Wittenberg. In 2017 it will have been exactly 500 years – the occasion must be celebrated. For such a grand celebration there will be special exhibits and events. There will surely be something for you.

Am Anfang war das Wort
The rat called Ratze

Hello, great that you are here!

I’m Ratze, Wittenberg’s most famous rat. And that, is no exaggeration, because I am always on the go and I know the corners of every house in this city very well. My favorite place is the Luthers‘ house. There is always something going on. Look at the table, see how fancy it is! People are always coming and going ... there are discussions late into the night. You would not believe all that a person can see and hear in this place.

I have to get going. Want to come along? Then take your computer mouse firmly in hand. I bet I’ll be in the museum before you can click your mouse! Actually, all the doors are open for you. Simply click on the house (see below) that you would like to visit. What’s this I hear? You don’t know Martin Luther who comes from Wittenberg? Then, first click on „Luther & Co.“ and go inside. Or would you rather learn my secrets? Okay, then ... let’s go. I’ll be seeing you!